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Why Zombies make Better Company

  1. They will always have a better excuse to eat your heart out than anyone else you’ll every meet
  2. You never have to wory about their emotions
  3. They’re pretty much predictable
  4. You know up front you can’t trust them fully
  5. You don’t have to worry about them getting into romantic relationships with them
  6. They’ll love even if you get fat (maybe even more)
  7. They’ll always be that bad smell (rather than it be you)
  8. They don’t discriminate
  9. They throw awesome parties

Think of another reason? Post it in a comment!


About brandymoore2012

I am a student hoping to one day be an artist. I'm creating this blog to improve my writing skills and so that I can learn about artiest and their technics of today. Also I'm practicing for when I creat my own website.

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