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What makes you a zombie?

You might think that Zombies are just people who’ve died and have a big craving for human brains, but this is not always so. You are a Zombie if you do the majority of this list.

  1. You stare into space randomly
  2. You wine or moan a lot
  3. You’re heartless
  4. If you’re always cold
  5. Drag your feet when you walk
  6. Hypnotized easily
  7. Always listening to music
  8. Morbid
  9. You like to watch humans

Unclear of wheather or not you’re apart of the Zombie club? Leave a comment!


About brandymoore2012

I am a student hoping to one day be an artist. I'm creating this blog to improve my writing skills and so that I can learn about artiest and their technics of today. Also I'm practicing for when I creat my own website.

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